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Mar 9, 2022

Melanie is a multi-disciplinary guide and healer, incorporating her knowledge as a Wellness Coach, Yoga Therapist, Breathwork Guide, Ayurvedic Guide, Sound Healer, Fly Therapist and more to work with clients to help them access their own power of self-healing and to reset their body, mind and soul. 


She has traveled to more than 30 countries to learn from experts across multiple fields and therapies. She leads speaking engagements, conferences, workshops, seminars, and wellness retreats internationally, online, and in person. Through her passion and embodiment, Melanie believes she has unearthed her true purpose which led to her creating and developing a wide range of unique therapy styles.

On this Episode:

Mel Azaya | @mel.azaya 

Adam Jackson | @adam___jackson  


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