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Jul 1, 2022

Vince Chafin, aka Matoska has been on a lifelong path of creating sacred healing circles and men’s work through the rhythms of the earth, music and Indigenous healing wisdom. Matoska’s gentle spirit gives way to his powerful intuition for what is needed to support and hold a safe space for others to transform deep trauma wounds into profound healing. 

His vision to bring communities together with compassion, empathy and sometimes tough love, his work channels the wisdom to inspire humans with the courage it takes to face life challenges with hope, compassion and grit. 


Vince Chafin | @vincechafin

Adam Jackson | @adam___jackson  


SSI | EUROPEAN TOUR | SUMMER 2022 | Sacred Sons Immersion is coming to Europe! The Sacred Sons Immersion is an invitation for potent connection and authentic relating with men in your local community. With confrontation as the barometer for growth, men are guided to their edges through embodiment practices to awaken the integrated self within. The Immersion is your local home for clarity and connection

PRIME LEADERSHIP | SELKIRK, SCOTLAND | JULY 13 - 17 | This NEW European offering is 5 days of connection, confrontation, and integration in the rolling hills of Scotland. This is an intimate experience, and designed for men who are ready to embody their purpose, within leadership. 

EMX | WASHINGTON | AUGUST 25 - 28 | The Embodied Masculine Experience is a 40 man initiatory event. Join us in Brinnon, Washington for 4 days of Connection, Confrontation, and Celebration with Sacred Sons regional Leadership.


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