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Jan 22, 2020

The Sacred Sisters Circle is a safe space for women to gather and rise into their wild feminine power.  Davana May and Heather ‘Activation Vibration’ check in with Sacred Sons to share their vision of masculine and feminie unity.  Davana May is a certified holistic wellness practitioner, as well as a student of, and guide into the Sacred Feminine Mysteries. Heather is a gifted spiritual intuitive, cosmic channel, psychic and oracle; who specializes in activating people into their best version of themselves.  Their Spring Retreat ‘Bloom’ is March 6-8th in Southern California.

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Upcoming Sacred Sons Events:


Feb 28-Mar 1 | San Diego, CA

Mar 20-22 | Maui, HI

Apr 24-26 | Goldendale, WA


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