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Oct 17, 2019

Traver Boehm is the author of 'Today I Rise', and 'Man UNcivilized'. He’s a two time TEDx speaker, Internationally sought out men’s coach, and founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement — "redefining the way men around the globe experience their masculinity by uniquely blending both the Primal Masculine with the Divine"⁣

Traver has fought professionally in cages, protected billionaires, and stuck acupuncture needles in homeless HIV patients. He’s held the hands of those dying in hospice, voluntarily locked himself in a pitch black room for a month long meditation, and rumor has it, sleeps next to his kettlebell.⁣

When not teaching or radically shifting the way men experience their masculinity, Traver can be found chewing on his thumbnail in front of his laptop obsessing over a word choice, chasing surf around the globe, or being reminded that yoga is a lot harder than it looks.⁣

His third book — Never Judge A Man By His Whisper is due out in 2021.⁣

At Sacred Sons Convergence III ALPHA session, Traver shared two workshops:⁣
1) Heart and Elbows: Creating healthy masculine boundaries:  A mix of self defense and conscious boundary establishment⁣
2) Sovereignty & Surrender: Leadership without sight:  Men dialing in their ability to lead and be led, without being able to see.⁣

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