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Nov 21, 2022

Marcus Glover is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Lockstep Ventures, a venture capital firm that seeks to address issues that perpetuate racial inequality in the U.S.  He is on a mission to reimagine equity for Black America and is dedicated to investing and advising Black and women-led companies. With Lockstep Ventures, he has turned his passion into meaningful change while also inspiring and empowering a systematic shift in tandem with delivering investor returns. Marcus also serves on the National Board of Directors of Defy Ventures, which advocates for criminal justice reform and lowering recidivism by building on incarcerated men and women's natural talents through entrepreneurship business ownership. Marcus also serves on the Time@100 Advisory Board. 



Marcus Glover | @marcusglo 

Adam Jackson | @adam___jackson 


EMX SAN DIEGO | DEC 1 - 4 | SAN DIEGO, CA | The Embodied Masculine Experience is a 40 man initiatory event. Join us in San Diego, CA for 4 days of Connection, Confrontation, and Celebration with Sacred Sons regional Leadership.

EMX DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM | DEC 1 - 4, 2022 | DEVON, UK | The EMX is a 40 man initiatory event, and we are returning to Europe! Join us in Devon, England for 4 days of Connection, Confrontation, and Celebration with Sacred Sons regional Leadership. 

MAUI MANA | DECEMBER 14 - 18 | MAUI, HI | Reindigenize‚Äďa return to the place of origin, the home within, born of the land. Join us for 5 days as we return to the home within through primal movement, sound, dance, and play on the sacred land of Maui, Hawaii.


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