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Nov 28, 2022

Yona FrenchHawk is a full-blooded Cherokee Wisdom Keeper and Ceremonialist.  He was born and raised on the Qualla Indian Boundary in the Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, NC.  This area is also known as the Eastern Band of Cherokees. 

Yona grew up learning the songs and stories of his people. There are less than 300 Full-Blooded Cherokee that remain out of a documented 50,000 enrolled members in the federally recognized Eastern Band of North Carolina and Western Band of Oklahoma.

To keep his traditions alive, Yona is honored to bridge the ancient past to the ancient future which is in constant need of support. Yona is a well respected ceremonial and community leader and shares the meaning of traditional ceremonies as a way of life as it was shared with him by his Grandfather.


Yona FrenchHawk | Yona FrenchHawk

Adam Jackson | @adam___jackson 


EMX SAN DIEGO | DEC 1 - 4 | SAN DIEGO, CA | The Embodied Masculine Experience is a 40 man initiatory event. Join us in San Diego, CA for 4 days of Connection, Confrontation, and Celebration with Sacred Sons regional Leadership.

EMX DEVON, UNITED KINGDOM | DEC 1 - 4, 2022 | DEVON, UK | The EMX is a 40 man initiatory event, and we are returning to Europe! Join us in Devon, England for 4 days of Connection, Confrontation, and Celebration with Sacred Sons regional Leadership. 

MAUI MANA | DECEMBER 14 - 18 | MAUI, HI | Reindigenize‚Äďa return to the place of origin, the home within, born of the land. Join us for 5 days as we return to the home within through primal movement, sound, dance, and play on the sacred land of Maui, Hawaii.


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